/ˈɪntu / (say 'intooh), before consonants /ˈɪntə / (say 'intuh)

1. in to; in and to (expressing motion or direction towards the inner part of a place or thing, and hence entrance or inclusion within limits, or change to new circumstances, relations, condition, form, etc.).
2. Mathematics being the divisor of: 2 into 10 equals 5.
3. Colloquial devoted to the use or practice of; having an enthusiasm for: I am into health foods.
phrase Colloquial
4. get into, to become enthusiastic and knowledgeable about.
5. get into it, to participate fully and with enthusiasm.
{Middle English in to}
Usage: Into is normally written as a single word when it is a preposition, as in fall into the water, enter into discussion, get into difficulties. Careful writers distinguish this from in and to as two separate words, as in come in to work, go in to dinner, where the meaning of in is tied in with the preceding verb.

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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